Monday, February 11, 2019

How to Get A "Meet Me" on Plenty of Fish

Hello, World!

On a recent Sunday morning, I checked emails, and reached the end of the internet with the day's news when I got a computer-generated "Meet Me" about a guy who was outside of my geographical preference.  

When you're my age and looking at some dating app profiles, you can only see a tiny picture (note to self--buy a magnifying glass), so I clicked on his profile to see what he looked like, and when I did...

...I laughed by BUTT off in church.  

My laugh was so-loud-it-could-not-be-contained, and I got shushed by a little old lady because I was laughing during the announcements. 

(Yes, I was on a dating website during church 😇, but it was during the announcement portion of the service and I have horrible ADHD and forgot to get the weekly bulletin to follow along, so don't be too tisk-tisk, you churchy people.)

What made me laugh so hard?  

It wasn't his picture--nice looking guy.  It was his username!

The profile name for this individual was BoxedWineDeliveryGuy--every Two Buck Chuck drinking girl's dream!  

I wrote something generic like "Best Username EVER," and then he told me this story!

And his bio was even funnier!  Reading it was like going to a standup comedy club.  (BoxedWine swears that all the stuff he wrote really happened to him.)  

Humor!  The dating world needs more of it.  If you're funny, let people know!  Get creative with your username!  You may end up with some fun text exchanges with a funny guy who tells great stories.

You may meet someone who is a better person TODAY because he was "once fired for letting too many burnt chips go by at the Chip Factory where he worked, but ironically he works with different kinds of chips now."

Yes, that story is in his bio!  Single ladies, find BoxedWineDeliveryGuy on POF and read his bio.  It is comedic gold! 

Until next time!  Keep believing and looking and opening boxes as you are ready.  :)

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