Three Best Things

I am just a girl in her mid-40s, a girl who is looking for her Mr. Happily Ever After, a girl who smiles too big, and who is rather ordinary but wants to do extraordinary things.

I'm flawed, I love deeply and fiercely.

I married my High School Sweetheart, and we lasted much longer than anyone expected.  Twenty-eight years of marriage and thirty years of my life.

From that marriage I have three of the best things I've ever done.  My children.  And they are starting their own happily-ever-afters and it's a beautiful thing.

I never wanted to be single and searching, but here I am.

Trying to figure out this modern dating world is crazy.  My children have more dating experience than I, and we laugh that they have to give me advice.

There is no playbook to navigate this dating world, so surround yourself with wise people, some tour guides and counselors and people who will encourage you, laugh and cry with you, and call you on the carpet when you mess up.